Matthew Felzke
Dashboard Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Dashboards for the win!  This article is going to discuss the most popular tools in the Business Intelligence world for Microsoft Dynamics AX users, focusing on features and functionalities.

If you follow this blog, you know that we write a lot about dashboards – and it’s not an accident.  According to a recent study on CFOs’ priorities in terms of technology, results indicated that dashboards, scorecards, and performance management solutions are #1 for financial executives.  In the modern business world, decision-making needs to be quick, easy, and smart for professionals across an organization.  Dashboards are exactly that.  To be more specific, dashboards or data visualizations are charts, graphs, and scorecards that employ key performance indicators (KPIs) to illustrate business successes, opportunities, and trajectories in the data, whether you’re looking at it organization-wide, departmentally, or in the context of a project.

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