How Modern Budgeting and Reporting Software Tools Can Optimize Cash Flow and Reduce Risk for Sage Intacct Users

As businesses continue to navigate economic turbulence, effective cash flow management has become a crucial component for survival and success. Modern corporate performance management (CPM) software, integrated with Sage Intacct ERP systems, can help companies achieve positive outcomes such as investment optimization and reduced risk. In this blog, we will explore the top cash flow-related challenges faced by companies lacking modern planning and reporting software, and how CPM software can help resolve these challenges, as well as make life easier for financial managers in charge of financial reporting and cash flow forecasting.

Top cash flow-related challenges companies face without modern planning and reporting software:

  • Lack of visibility into available liquidity
  • Missed investment opportunities
  • Layoffs due to cash flow issues
  • Difficult to consolidate cash flow across subsidiaries
  • Infrequent updates to cash flow forecasts

How CPM software can help resolve these challenges and support investment opportunities and reduced business risk:

  • Self-service analysis for easier and faster decision-making
  • Monthly automated cash flow forecast reports for better visibility and more accurate forecasting
  • Cash trend analysis to identify potential cash flow issues before they become critical
  • Faster and better decisions due to real-time data and analytics
  • Consolidated cash flow across subsidiaries for more efficient and accurate reporting
  • Improved accuracy and reduced manual errors in cash flow forecasting

In addition to these benefits, CPM software can also make life easier for financial managers in charge of financial reporting and cash flow forecasting by providing:

  • More time for other tasks due to streamlined reporting and forecasting processes
  • Less time spent answering questions from line managers to explain data in reports
  • Reduced stress by avoiding liquidity crises through more accurate and timely forecasting
  • Learning new technologies and career advancement opportunities through the implementation and use of modern software tools

By deploying modern budgeting and reporting software tools such as CPM software integrated with Sage Intacct ERP systems, businesses can optimize cash flow and reduce risk, ultimately leading to greater success and survival in times of economic turbulence.


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