We’re excited to launch our new business intelligence collaboration tool. With collaboration for BI, we’re taking our innovative BI360 suite and delivering even better insight into every facet of your data and your business. So what’s so exciting about our enterprise collaboration tool? With proper use of just a few key features, your company can […]

I was never completely sold on the social enterprise platform idea. The business case for replicating popular social networking functionality in a corporate environment seemed dubious at best. Would there ever be a return on investment? That was until I actually talk to some users. Admittedly success depends heavily on the implementation strategy, but every […]

With BI360 organizations can report live from their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or from the BI360 Data Warehouse (DW).  The question is which one is best for your organization.  Each organization needs to determine which approach is best or whether a hybrid approach is best.  This article will give the benefits of using each option. […]

There is no doubt that a new generation of Enterprise Collaboration tools are coming full steam to the corporate marketplace. As the Facebook generation(s) starts demanding modern collaboration tools and interfaces at the workplace, this new breed of “social” business tools are here to stay. Early adopters are already using one or more enterprise collaboration […]

As a selection tool, a cost / benefit analysis helps you focus on the most suitable category of software, rather than trying to differentiate between similar budgeting solutions. For example, it can help you find out if your needs are better served by: * High-end or low-end software SQL-based or OLAP based software Web-based or […]

Have you ever wondered how many of your department heads or subsidiaries ever read the monthly reports you are sending them? Many managers are not trained in reading detailed financial statements, nor are they “excited” by all the rows and columns of numbers. As a matter of fact, most people are better wired for reading narrative stories than long lists of […]

In organizations with many business units (or many products or projects or any other business dimension) it is desirable to create a report output where the first sheet is a summary (“consolidated”) sheet and then the next sheets may be divisional summaries and then eventually the subsidiary or department detail. Make reports more efficient and […]

Our mantra here at Solver is “make it simple, sexy and powerful”. Traditionally, Data Warehouse projects are reserved for the IT folks in an organization, but we have set out to change that notion with the BI360 Data Warehouse. We are busy working on many new and exciting features for the upcoming version of the […]

It’s almost that time again! For many of you budgeting season  is almost here, it’s a perfect time to ease the burden and dramatically reduce budgeting and forecasting cycle times. Automating your budgeting process allows you to make faster, more informed decisions. View our recorded webinar and see BI360 Planning in action now! See a live demonstration of creating […]

Data warehousing is a key technology that many companies are pursuing today. A data warehouse can deliver enormous benefits and key data in a timely manner, however; they are also subject to a high failure rate. The reasons for failure vary but almost always two symptoms will surface, cost and user expectations. Notice I identified […]

As part of the BI360 Suite, financial reports can be created. But what’s the point of creating the financial reports unless trained eyes from your organization are analyzing the numbers to find the strengths and weaknesses of your business. A very valuable, yet underused part of the BI360 Suite is the Report Publisher. Through the […]

Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management (MEM) solution provides the ability to process transactions from different corporate entities within a single company database.  By utilizing a centralized database intercompany transactions can be automated and master files can be shared across entities (ie General Ledger Accounts, Customers, Vendors, etc).  This consolidated Dynamics GP database has all the information […]

In most mid-sized and larger organizations with multiple divisions, classic BI tools have never been good at satisfying both local division needs (detailed reporting, local budget models, etc.) as well as corporate HQ needs. In the screenshot below, you can see an interesting methodology where a company can install the BI360 data warehouse (DW) at each […]

One of the most common issues with reports containing a large volume of data is the report run time can take a longer time than expected. BI360 Version 3.5 has a new feature that has been added to enable parallel queries so that the SQL Server can be utilized to its maximum capabilities. Once enabled, […]

Smartlist is a very popular query tool used by all Microsoft Dynamics GP customers worldwide. It has hundreds of useful SQL Views to allow GP users to filter and retrieve transactions from different tables in the GP database. BI360 now integrates to Smartlist views to provide an almost unlimited number of opportunities for business users […]

Solver offers BI360 training classes built for our client and partner needs with one of our senior consultants. Whether it’s our standard two-day training class in our Los Angeles headquarters for novice users or on client site for a more customized training and workshop, Solver is there to assist. Benefits of the BI360 training classes […]

A common frustration among many Finance and Accounting departments is the difficulty associated with modifying financial and operational reports. Users often resort to manually adjusting their reports in Excel to get them into their preferred format for distribution. This can become a very time consuming process when multiple drafts of the same report need to […]

We had full attendance for a Microsoft World Event hosted by Solver, Inc. in Gothenberg & Stockholm, Sweden. The seminar’s focus was on “SQL Server 2012 – Master Data Services a tool for managing master data“. Most organizations recognize the problems with inconsistent supplier, customer and product records. Despite advanced BI solutions often lack the management […]

Many companies these days are planning to enhance their ERP system’s native reporting capabilities with additional Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Here are some things to consider for this evaluation process: The role of IT vs the BUSINESS USERS when it comes to enabling users to create reports: Importance of user-friendly BI tools where IT does […]

The latest release of BI360 is loaded with lots of new features and enhancements. You talked and we listened.  BI360 3.5 is setting the bar with advanced reporting from Excel. Take Control of Your Data Many Accounting / ERP systems allow custom tables and attribute fields.  Prior to v3.5, these custom fields and tables could […]

The business intelligence (BI) software market can be tough to navigate. Not only do organizations have to sort through hundreds of available products, they also have to make sense of the jargon, trends and other technical aspects of BI tools (e.g. “OLAP” or “in-memory processing”). Getting a handle on these concepts early in your research […]

Today’s accounting departments want financial report writers that require a minimal amount of report maintenance when there are changes in the underlying accounting system, such as new account numbers. Furthermore, they always want to be able to rest assured that their financial statements include any segment or dimension updates done in the general ledger, thus […]

Every day in almost every modern business around the world, employees and managers are looking at reports. Depending on roles and responsibilities, these report consumers are seeking an understanding of a particular area of the business by reviewing vendor reports, sales reports, inventory reports, financial statements, and more. The faster an employee can find the […]

Get Ready for BI360 version 3.5! It is currently in beta and will be released in January 2012. Benefit from new features added within the reporting, planning and data warehouse modules. Two major features were added to enhance reporting and analysis: • Custom drill down within your reports allowing users to drill through to any […]

Solver is growing and needs more great team members! Due to high demand for our BI360 budgeting, reporting, dahsboard and data warehouse suite we are in need of the following team members: 1) BI360 consultant (US East Coast) 2) BI360 project manager (based at HQ in Los Angeles) 3) BI360 marketing/office coordinator (based at HQ […]

Today, I read one of the best BI articles I have seen in a long time. It was called “Process-Oriented BI: Navigating the Road of Continuous Improvement”. The essence of the article is about how far you should be able to take BI these days by: 1) End-to-End Business Process Knowledge 2) Continuous Improvement Mindset […]

See us at the Business Intelligence & Analytics for Healthcare Conference & Exhibition, July 11-12, 2011, San Diego, CA. Solver and InterDyn Remington will show how to use the BI360 software suite to manage data to drive quality, financial performance & accountable care. An increasing number of healthcare provider and payer organizations are looking to […]

Solver recently partnered with Sage to offer the BI360 suite to Sage MAS 500 and X3 customers world-wide. This will now bring the leading BI360 reporting, budgeting, dashboard and data warehouse suite to Sage customers that are looking for a powerful and user-friendly Microsoft Excel-based reporting and budgeting experience. The initial MAS 500 integration inclus LIVE reporting on the […]

A quickly increasing number of BI360 users are developing operational reports such as:
– Reports help them manage inventories with details about standard cost, quantities and physical value.
– That shows purchase orders versus requisitions with related information about delivery dates, unit price, quantity ordered, purchase price and purchase quantity.
– Production orders with trend charts that quantities items ordered by date.
– Work-in-progress reports (WIP), quantity per order, how much of an order has been started and the WIP amount.