This article will highlight essential reporting and analysis features in Corporate Performance Management solutions.

This article will describe the importance of forecasting with the best corporate performance management software and how it differs from budgeting. Why is forecasting a good practice for all organizations? Here are five reasons: A forecast is usually a much quicker process and involves fewer employees. A forecast is entered at the general ledger account level while detailed templates, […]

This article focuses on the importance of budgeting with a corporate performance management solution. Budgeting is a topic that is not very popular in many organizations. It can be an extremely time-consuming project for many employees. This is why it is important to communicate the significance of a budget to all employees so they take pride […]

This article discusses corporate performance management (CPM) tools and examples of effective strategy, goals, planning, and analysis.   

This article focuses on the importance of process improvements and KPIs.

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This article will continue the discussion of improving these tasks and processes and ensuring that the strategy is aligned with the reporting, planning, and analysis.