Corey Barak
How to Use Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The excitement for Dynamics 365 Business Central is growing, and organizations will need a CPM tool to achieve Reporting and Budgeting that enables world-class decision-making.

Tad Remington
Advanced Reporting and Budgeting Solutions for Executives Using Dynamics 365 Business Central

This article discusses the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and how to enable world-class decision making for executives and managers.

Matthew Felzke
What to Review Before Choosing a CPM Solution

The purpose of this blog entry is to help you assess the decision-making capabilities of your organization today versus those of a best-in-class business.

Matthew Felzke
Will Enterprise Software and Corporate Performance Management Only Be Available in the Cloud?

This article explores the realities of cloud revolutionizing the technology and business worlds, especially for enterprise software, like cloud corporate performance management solutions.

Matthew Felzke
Corporate Performance Management in the Future: How to Upgrade Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboards, and Data Warehouse Processes

The purpose of this blog entry is to help you shape a vision for the optimal decision-making platform that your company should plan for today to be ready for the future.

Matthew Felzke
Corporate Performance Management in 2018: Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboards & Data Warehousing

This article launches the yearlong focus of this blog on leveraging the right corporate performance management (CPM) tools to manage and analyze data.

Matthew Felzke
Enabling World-class Decisions in 2018 with Innovative Corporate Performance Management Technology

This article will discuss what’s at stake in terms of how you leverage diverse company data types to enable optimized decision-making in 2018.