Does your accounting and finance department waste valuable time with manual monthly reporting tools? Do you have too many Excel spreadsheets to keep track of? Is your budget process slow and painful? With Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software you can lead a transformation of the office of finance in your business – and as a […]

There is a reason Microsoft Excel, among its many merits, is generally recognized as the world’s most popular reporting tool. Three of the top reasons are: It is easy It is familiar to most business users It is “free” (if you already own an Excel license) However, Excel also has many downsides, especially when it […]

How to Quickly Get Started with Corporate Performance Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Cloud-based ERP systems and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions are two directly related business applications experiencing rapid growth in the 2020s as companies and organizations seek to automate the office of finance and help their managers make faster and better decisions. Replacing legacy ERPs and old, home-grown Excel reporting and budgeting models, however, takes both […]

Solver QuickStart - Power BI Financial Dashboard Categories for Dynamics 365 Finance

Acumatica and Power BI are both rapidly growing cloud software applications. Although these technologies can be used independently, customers are increasingly using them together as an integrated platform. As executives drive their accounting teams to migrate to a modern cloud ERP system like Acumatica, senior leaders are at the same time expecting to gain the […]

Rapid budgeting and forecasting implementation for Acumatica with pre-built templates from Solver Marketplace

How to Quickly Deploy the Best Budgeting and Forecasting Tools for Acumatica A rapidly increasing number of mid-market organizations are implementing Acumatica as their new cloud ERP system. If you are considering a migration to Acumatica, there are a few key things to do: make sure the solution fits your needs; and determine if your […]

Rapid report implementation for Acumatica with pre-built financial templates from Solver Marketplace

Acumatica has become a significant player in the cloud-based ERP market segment, quickly gaining popularity worldwide. If you are considering a migration to Acumatica, the first thing to do is make sure the solution fits your needs. With a significant number of companies planning to migrate their accounting solution from on-premise servers to the cloud, […]

Solver recently announced that our leading Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution is now listed as ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica.’ This is BIG news because it makes Solver’s planning, reporting and dashboard solution the top choice for Acumatica users. What Does Solver ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ Mean? Solutions that are ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ must be developed by official […]

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