Optimizing Expense Management with Gorilla Expense, Solver and Dynamics 365 Business Central

Effective expense management is crucial for any business to maintain profitability and growth. Companies that utilize the Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system with the Gorilla Expense ISV add-on have access to powerful expense management tools. However, without modern corporate performance management (CPM) software that integrates tightly with these solutions, companies can face significant challenges in budgeting and reporting. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of strong reporting and budgeting for companies using the Dynamics Business Central ERP system with the Gorilla Expense ISV add-on, and how modern cloud-based CPM software tool like Solver can help overcome these challenges.

Top challenges a company faces when it does not have budgeting and reporting tools that can integrate with their ERP and expense management solution:

  • Lack of visibility into expense data, making it difficult to make informed business decisions.
  • Inefficient and error-prone manual processes that waste time and resources.
  • Inability to quickly identify and address budget variances.
  • Lack of accountability and control over expenses, leading to overspending and waste.
  • Inability to analyze expenses and identify cost-saving opportunities.

By deploying Solver’s cloud-based CPM software tool, which integrates directly with Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Gorilla Expense expense management solution, companies can resolve these challenges. Solver ensures drill-down from reports to detailed expenses, allowing for easy explanation of budget variances. Self-service analysis of expenses and variances provides greater expense control and optimization, while better reporting enables more accountability from managers. Solver also provides better analysis and future-proofing for the office of finance, ensuring that companies can remain agile and adaptable in a constantly evolving business environment.

How a CPM reporting and budgeting tool that integrates directly with Gorilla Expense can make life easier for financial managers:

  • More time for other tasks, as less time is spent answering questions from line managers about their expenses and variances.
  • Less time spent learning new technologies, as Solver’s user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and requires minimal training.
  • Career advancement opportunities, as financial managers can take on more strategic roles within the company.
  • Greater accuracy and efficiency, as manual processes are replaced by automated workflows that reduce errors and save time.

In conclusion, strong reporting and budgeting are essential for companies using the Dynamics Business Central ERP system with the Gorilla Expense ISV add-on. By deploying a modern cloud-based CPM software tool like Solver, companies can overcome the challenges of inefficient expense management and achieve best practices reporting and analysis for their expenses. Financial managers will benefit from greater accuracy, efficiency, and career advancement opportunities, making their jobs easier and more rewarding.

In summary, deploying Gorilla Expense and Solver with Dynamics 365 Business Central can optimize expense management for businesses. It is crucial to have modern cloud-based CPM software tools that integrate tightly with these solutions to overcome challenges faced in budgeting and reporting. Financial managers in charge of expense control, budgeting, financial reporting, and analysis will benefit from more time for other tasks, less time spent answering questions from line managers about their expenses and variances, learning new technologies, career advancement opportunities, etc. Ultimately, businesses that prioritize expense management will see greater profitability and growth.


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