Ascend 2021 is right around the corner and, with 25 speakers, you know that this year’s virtual conference will be packed with info for Solver (f/k/a BI 360) users.

Curious what to expect at this year’s virtual conference? Check out this sneak peek – and make sure to register for the conference on August 17-19, so you don’t miss out on the Solver event of the year.

Tips for Improving CPM Reporting through Trees & Attributes

August 17, 2021 – 10:40 – 11:30 AM Pacific Time

Presenter:  Paul Zunker, Senior Functional Consultant, Solver

Join Solver expert Paul Zunker for the session that finally uncovers how Trees and Attributes can help you maintain reporting consistency and minimize your report level maintenance with ease! Hooray!

Report maintenance and consistency are commonly impacted when:

  • Accounts are added or updated
  • Dimension values are adjusted
  • Other relationships in the data warehouse have been changed

Manually going into each report to make necessary changes to hierarchies, groupings, and other factors not only increases the risk of errors but can be quite time consuming. Imagine if you knew how to quickly incorporate these changes into all reports without having to go into each one individually. It’s all possible through the use of Trees and Attributes.

Although learning how to set up and leverage Attributes can seem super confusing and frustrating, this session simplifies the learning process and arms you with tips to make you feel confident about incorporating Attributes into your own financial reports.

Who Is This Session For?

You will benefit from this session if you are responsible for designing and maintaining the company’s monthly financial reports and you have a strong grasp of reporting concepts.

Sound like you? This session will provide tips and insight that will help you improve your monthly CRM reporting with ease.

What Does It Mean to Plan, Adapt, and Thrive?

This past year changed what many of us know and expect about the business world, and 2020 clearly demonstrated that new skills are required to succeed in today’s new business landscape. To make sure Ascend 2021 delivers on today’s top skills, we’ve divided each of our courses into different focus areas: Plan, Adapt, and Thrive.

  • Plan has to do with planning capabilities – Do you have the tools to proactively respond to whatever may be coming next in your industry or field?
  • Adapt has to do with agility, forecasting, and overcoming uncertainty – Do you have the tools to confidently make decisions based on incomplete or uncertain information?
  • Thrive has to do with building knowledge, building a better budget, and increasing profitability – Do you have the tools to go beyond the financial data to achieve more with your company?

This no-nonsense session helps you and your company Thrive because at the end of the session, you will understand how to efficiently start building reporting Attributes and Trees. Plus, once you have incorporated these into your reports, you can expect to see increased reporting speeds as well as a reduction or elimination of maintenance requirements at the individual report level.

Are You Ready to Plan, Adapt, and Thrive in Today’s New Business Landscape? Solver Can Help.

Current events have forced many organizations to rethink their plans and update budgets to ride out the many uncertainties the world still faces. Join us for Ascend 2021, August 17-19 to learn the skills and strategies you need to:

  • Refresh your business data management knowledge
  • Improve business agility
  • Hone your Solver skills to make faster, better decisions

Remember: you can earn up to 10.5 CPE credits when you attend Solver Ascend 2021, so don’t miss out! We look forward to seeing you there.


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