Great Things to Look Up Using Ad Hoc Analysis (Examples)

Use These Ad Hoc Analysis Examples & Boost the Value of Your Solver CPM Solution

Ad Hoc Reporting by Solver empowers users to build quick views on the fly without IT savvy or Excel expertise. It’s the best option to use when you’re looking for fast answers to straightforward questions and you don’t want to mess with full-fledged reports.

Ready to get started? Here are some ad hoc analysis examples you can try out.

3 Great Ad Hoc Analysis Examples to Look Up in Your Solver Solution

1. What are total sales, by product line, for the current month?

Follow these steps:

  • Select the Ad Hoc Reporting option under Reporting in the menu bar
  • Select your data (“Revenues” in this case)
  • Select your lookup fields (“Product Description” under “Product,” as well as “Extended Price”)
  • Apply your filters (choose your preference under the “Custom” tab)
  • Refresh your report
  • (Optional) View as basic chart types by selecting your data output & right clicking to select a format such as bar or pie charts.

Other ideas of ad hoc analysis examples include looking up credit card expenditures per cardholder, viewing AP vendors with outstanding invoices this month, or reviewing total salary expenditures last quarter.

2. What about an additional breakdown by business entity?

Drill down further into the previous ad hoc analysis example when you:

  • Activate pivot view using the “Pivot” toggle
  • Add the “Entity” field
  • Refresh your report

Other ideas to drill down with pivot views include checking staff credit card expenditures by currency, breaking down due AP vendor invoices by category, or analyzing last quarter’s salary expenditures by department.

3. Can we see which customers have purchased which product?

Refine your results even further when you:

  • Select the “Customer Description” field under “Customers”
  • Refresh the report
  • Expand each item using the expansion switch

Once you have the precise ad hoc report you want, you can save it, name it, and access it again anytime and anywhere.

Start Using Your Ad Hoc Reporting Tool Today

Power users love Solver’s robust Excel-based Report Designer… but not everyone is an Excel guru. Most employees have only basic Excel skills and many have no Excel skills at all.

For some queries, even power users just want instantaneous answers on demand.

For less technical reporting, we invite you to check out these ad hoc analysis examples for yourself and then start exploring Ad Hoc Reporting on your own. In minutes, you’ll know how to build and filter your data with speed and remarkable ease. It’s a great tool to have in your toolbelt.

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