Ascend 2021 is right around the corner, and with 24 speakers, you know that this year’s virtual conference will be packed with info for Solver (f/k/a BI 360) users.

Curious what to expect at this year’s virtual conference? Check out this sneak peek – and make sure to register for the conference on August 17-19, so you don’t miss out on the Solver event of the year.

The 7 Simple Habits of Inclusive Leaders

August 18, 2021 – 8:00 – 9:30 AM Pacific Time

Presenter: Melissa Majors, CEO and Innovator, Melissa Majors Consulting

In this keynote, Melissa Majors will broaden the audience’s perspectives by asking questions about what do inclusive leaders do? What specific actions do they take to demonstrate a commitment to inclusion? Majors will reveal how great leaders enjoy superior team performance and drive much higher profitability by incorporating inclusive practices.

What she will find is that these behaviors fall into seven categories: Business Process; Collaboration; Mindset; Leading Self and Others, Decisions; Values; and Empathy.

Majors delivers clarity on how our brains are to blame for why leaders unintentionally exclude others. Through storytelling, research, and personal experiences, she offers a common-sense yet compelling and actionable approach to inclusion. She argues that people shouldn’t feel guilty or defensive when having inclusion-related conversations; the brain is to blame, not people.

Who Is This Session For?

This discussion is for all leaders: leaders of self, people, initiatives, and organizations that wish to Adapt and Thrive in today’s business landscape.

This session will provide a way for leaders to better understand techniques for adopting an inclusive mindset into their management practices. For some, this may be a unique outlook that they are not already doing so it’s a way to help them adapt to the new culture of inclusion expected in business and personal life.

At the end of this session, you will understand how to:

  • Identify and describe concepts such as intellectual humility, tactical empathy, and intersectionality
  • Gain insight into the habits and tactics used by inclusive leaders
  • Unlock access to social posts, job aides, and toolkits to help build inclusive habits

Who Is Melissa Majors?

As this year’s keynote speaker, we are honored to present Melissa Majors, CEO and Innovator at Melissa Majors Consulting. Here’s a little bit of background information on this impressive speaker:

Melissa Majors, CEO of Melissa Majors Consulting, is an innovator and optimizer of education, inclusion, and leadership strategies. She has dedicated her career to maximizing the business impact associated with these areas of focus.

Her firm has extensive experience and a proven reputation for driving better business outcomes through innovative and inclusive strategic planning. They bring deep expertise in improving profitability and innovation, boosting team and organizational performance, and optimizing inclusion strategies. Melissa formally studied strategy and innovation at Harvard University.

 Melissa Majors is a crowd-pleasing speaker who masters brain-friendly talks that engage her audiences and spark not just inspiration, but action as well.

 Melissa is featured in publications such as Forbes Magazine, Smart Meetings, The Meeting Professional, NorthStar Meetings Group’s Eventful Podcast, The Event DR, and she has starred on the keynote stage at events such as Meeting Professional’s International’s WEC, The Northwest Event Show, Catalyst Events, LeggMason’s DEI Conference, and many more.

Melissa delivers talks on various subjects associated with leadership, learning, and “blameless” inclusion. She differentiates her content by blending research, neuroscience, purposeful stories, and fun.

What Does It Mean to Plan, Adapt, and Thrive?

This past year changed what many of us know and expect about the business world, and 2020 clearly demonstrated that new skills are required to succeed in today’s new business landscape. To make sure Ascend 2021 delivers on today’s top skills, we’ve divided each of our courses into different focus areas: Plan, Adapt, and Thrive.

  • Plan has to do with planning capabilities – Do you have the tools to proactively respond to whatever may be coming next in your industry or field?
  • Adapt has to do with agility, forecasting, and overcoming uncertainty – Do you have the tools to confidently make decisions based on incomplete or uncertain information?
  • Thrive has to do with building knowledge, building a better budget, and increasing profitability – Do you have the tools to go beyond the financial data to achieve more with your company?

Are You Ready to Plan, Adapt, and Thrive in Today’s New Business Landscape? Solver Can Help.

Current events have forced many organizations to rethink their plans and update budgets to ride out the many uncertainties the world still faces. Join us for Ascend 2021, August 17-19 to learn the skills and strategies you need to:

  • Refresh your business data management knowledge
  • Improve business agility
  • Hone your Solver skills to make faster, better decisions

Remember: you can earn up to 10.5 CPE credits when you attend Solver Ascend 2021, so don’t miss out! We look forward to seeing you there.

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