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We’re excited to launch our new business intelligence collaboration tool. With collaboration for BI, we’re taking our innovative BI360 suite and delivering even better insight into every facet of your data and your business.

So what’s so exciting about our enterprise collaboration tool? With proper use of just a few key features, your company can realize significant increases in efficiency and productivity:

  • Dashboards:Monitor all the activities that are important to you: groups and discussions you subscribe to, tasks and workflows assigned to you, the hottest topics in the company—all on a single screen.
    • Social Report Library: Read and comment on reports through unified books that combine reports from any number of your organization’s reporting and BI tools, including BI360, SQL Reporting Services, and more.
    • Dialogue: Open up and encourage productive discussions and commentary across locations, departments, functions, projects, resources—even devices—to ensure the right information reaches the right people, to make the right decisions.
    • Profiles: Search for and review employee profiles to see if their expertise aligns with your needs. Find associated information that may connect you to additional key resources, and “follow” experts that share information of interest to you.


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