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The latest release of BI360 is loaded with lots of new features and enhancements. You talked and we listened.  BI360 3.5 is setting the bar with advanced reporting from Excel.

Take Control of Your Data

Many Accounting / ERP systems allow custom tables and attribute fields.  Prior to v3.5, these custom fields and tables could only be accessed using our full Meta Data Integration application.  Now, the power to control your integrations is available for everyone within the same Administrative application you are already familiar with. All changes made to the integrations are instantly available throughout the BI360 suite.  The customizations are self-contained so your changes are never affected by version upgrades.

Modifying your integration has never been easier.  You can pick your integration to edit Modules, Dimensions, and Factsets (Transaction tables). Change labels, hide fields, make joins from fact tables to custom fields as well as a host of other extremely powerful options to control what you see throughout the BI360 suite.

Design Your Own Drill-To Logic

With the new Drill-To feature, you have control to design drill-downs the way you like them.  You can define the transaction table to drill to, as well as the fields visible when drilling into the transactions.  The below screenshot is an example from the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 integration.

Planning Ribbon Update

Not only have we added many new features to Planning, but we also have also reorganized the Ribbon to improve the users experience when working within the BI360 Planning application.

Planning Assignments Redesign

The Planning Assignments menu has been updated and reorganized.  End users are presented with an updated Assignment experience organized by three categories of Assignments (Upcoming, Active, and Ended).  In addition Assignment Details, start and end dates, as well as other important status information is now clearly visible.

More Dimensions = More Freedom

In version 3.5 of the Data Warehouse, all predefined dimensions are now conforming.  This means that every dimension can be used in every fact table (Module).  So for instance, in the past, the built-in Employee dimension was only available within the Payroll module.  In order to see Employees across modules, you needed to create a user-defined dimension.  Now in v3.5, the Employee dimension can be added to all pre-defined and user defined modules.  Additionally, Administrators can add up to 40 user defined dimensions that can also be used across all modules.  Similar to v3.0, an unlimited number of attributes for both dimensions and fact tables is possible.  The beauty is that the changes are instantly visible across the entire BI360 suite.  The updated Module Schema menu (below) now makes it incredible easy to configure the warehouse structure, all in a user interface designed for the business power user.

Upgrade to BI360 Version 3.5 Today!

Read the v3.5 Release Notes to find out more about all the amazing new features and enhancements available today.

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