ISV Programs Expand Best-of-Breed Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics and Other ERPs

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The best independent software vendors are working with other key third party Business Intelligence manufacturers to provide integrations that streamline BI processes and build true best-of-breed solutions for your team.

Do you have a machine, an appliance, or application at home or in the office that you only use for the reason(s) you were used to with an older model?  For example, if you upgrade to a new car or a new blu-ray machine, there are usually features and functions that you did not have in your previous model that you don’t even know how to use or implement to enhance your experience.  If I were to guess, this is pretty common, whether it be your espresso machine or your Business Intelligence (BI) software.  However, the only person who misses out is you as the user.  In the case of a financial reporting tool or a full BI suite, you have the opportunity to not only maximize your results, but expand your data management and analysis into areas your team has never gone before – to infinity and beyond, right?

Well, that might be a little hyperbolic.  But the truth is that, just as third party BI products work with accounting systems, the best offerings also integrate and partner with other products to accelerate and expand how we organize our data for heightened management and analysis processes.  At Solver, there is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program, established to make it easier for customers and partners to also use BI360 for associated ISV data without having to individually write integrations for BI360.  Instead, Solver works with key ISVs to provide out-of-the-box integrations so BI360 can be deployed very quickly, reaching across both native enterprise resource planning (ERP) system data and the data generated by ISV solutions.
When choosing which product is going to best modernize and enhance your company’s status quo, look for options to streamline and accelerate other processes that aren’t already on your shopping list – but might be just what you didn’t realize you need.  This article will detail the ISV program participants that Solver has lined up for BI360 as an example and an invitation to truly expand your BI functionalities when choosing how you want to invest in reporting, budgeting, and/or dashboard tool(s).
PaperSave helps eliminate the 20-30% of time needed for filing, searching and retrieving information by connecting source documents directly to the Dynamics records.  The Solver integration extends this functionality, so managers and other decision makers can view BI360 Reports and with dynamics hyperlinks drill down into PaperSave document images, eliminating the time and duplication of effort getting to information which drives business decisions.  PaperSave also offers electronic approvals around documents and invoice automation giving users insight to all documents in process while making your AP processors more efficiency thus reducing the costs per invoice processed.
Paramount Technologies:
Paramount Technologies’ WorkPlace provides Web and Mobile Spend Management and Workflow Automation solutions. WorkPlace automates requisition, procurement, project accounting, materials management, and time & expense transactions and processes.  WorkPlace is designed for on premise, cloud, or hybrid deployments.  The WorkPlace and BI360 integrated solution allows clients to create best-of-breed reporting and obtain the ability to generate custom reports, dashboards, and ad-hoc reporting to support specific business decisions.
Solver has pre-defined the integration into the WennSoft Job Cost and Time Sheet modules. Additional fields and tables can be added from the BI360 Integration Customization tool or the BI360 Meta Data tool. From time to time, Solver will also add new out-of-the-box integration touch points based on customer demand.  Solver has pre-defined a number of WennSoft reports, and then you can use the BI360 Report Designer to create your own report layouts.  You can use the BI360 composer for ad-hoc reports as well.  When WennSoft releases their Dynamics AX integration, this will also be added to BI360’s standard Dynamics AX integration.
Binary Stream:
Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management (MEM) solution provides the ability to process transactions from different corporate entities within a single company database.  By utilizing a centralized database, intercompany transactions can be automated, and master files can be shared across entities (i.e. General Ledger Accounts, Customers, Vendors, etc.).
Solver’s BI360 is fully integrated to support Multi-Entity Management.  With real-time access to the consolidated Dynamics GP database, you are able to further extend the power of MEM by producing consolidated or entity specific financial reports at the General Ledger and the Sub-ledger levels (e.g. segmented reporting, Top 20 customers, Top 10 vendors, Projects by Entity, etc.).  Real-time access also increases efficiency by not having to wait for IT to update a middleware system in order for reporting or analysis to begin.  Since BI360 also ‘pulls’ information directly from Dynamics GP into Microsoft Excel, you are able to produce dynamic boardroom quality reports, charts and graphs that contain a ‘single version of the truth.’
Olympic Systems:
Olympic Project Cost is a Microsoft ISV solution that is totally integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Project Cost collects project-related direct cost information as a part of the normal business transaction process.  Olympic Project Cost provides users with a series of project management tools designed to make your projects easy to manage and understand.
Solver’s BI360 is fully integrated to support Olympic Project Cost with both LIVE and Data Warehouse access to the consolidated Dynamics GP database.  Users are able to further extend the power of Olympic Project Cost by producing consolidated or entity specific reports at the General Ledger and the Sub-ledger levels (e.g. segmented reporting, Top Projects, Projects by Entity, etc.).
eOne Solutions: 
Solver has worked with eOne Solutions to create integration templates for their SmartConnect ETL tool specifically for loading data into the BI360 Data Warehouse from:
1)      Microsoft Dynamics GP
2)      Microsoft CRM (both online and on-premises versions)
With hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics GP partners and thousands of GP customers already using the SmartConnect tool, it now becomes much easier for them to populate the BI360 Data Warehouse without having to write SSIS code.
Integrations and partnerships are likely going to continue building in popularity as consumers drive “best-of-breed” to new heights.  The process of shopping for and implementing BI tools can be overwhelming anyway, but it can really transform your routine processes and workflow.  Solver, Inc. is happy to answer questions and generally review BI360’s easy-to-use Excel, web, and mobile platforms for real-time or data warehouse integrated analysis and collaboration, with a robust ISV program for synergistic integrations that streamline your data management and analysis procedures.