Improve Financial Reporting Accuracy

Today’s accounting departments want financial report writers that require a minimal amount of report maintenance when there are changes in the underlying accounting system, such as new account numbers. Furthermore, they always want to be able to rest assured that their financial statements include any segment or dimension updates done in the general ledger, thus assuring that their financial statements are correct.
You can use BI360‘s Expanding Group concept to automatically list accounts based on ranges. This will capture any new account within the range that has been created in the general ledger. The use of expanding groups also has additional benefits such as faster report design process and shorter report execution time.
Expanding groups are groupings of one or more columns or rows within a BI360 Excel spreadsheet that repeat for a specified range of values. For example, just like you can have account ranges dynamically listing accounts in the report rows, you can have a column in your spreadsheet that repeats for each month for the current year.  This saves you time and effort over having to define each of the 12 columns one at a time.  These groups are easy to set up — just a matter of checking the ‘expanding’ option in the BI360 report definition when adding data fields to columns or rows of your spreadsheet.