How BI360 Data Warehouse Drives Better Decisions


When it comes to financial and operational reporting and budgeting, our BI360 Solution delivers everything your organization needs: detailed reporting that runs live on your ERP, excel- and web-based with mobile access, pre-defined templates, drag and drop simplicity, and very easy implementation. But a growing area of interest for many of our customers is our BI360 data warehouse, which has the capability to bring in all kinds of data in addition to financial and budget data, such as statistical data and operational data sources.
For example, in the education industry, a university could use our data warehouse to more effectively track critical information such as student enrollment, registration, faculty performance, financial information—everything a university needs to turn stagnant data into a competitive advantage. For a healthcare organization, it could be patient records or healthcare system statistics that would not only deliver better compliance with industry regulations, but better patient care as a result.

With BI360, any industry-specific organization with high-value data can pull that information into our data warehouse to glean insights and make it part of its standard reporting process. From there, it’s easy to combine it with financial data for powerful dashboards and management reports. These are just some of the ways organizations can use BI360 data warehouse as the engine of their business intelligence solution, and drive better decisions as a result.