We all know about the enterprise collaboration tools that have been introduced over the past couple of years, and the accompanying issues that come with them. While there still may be a perception that enterprise collaboration tools are merely a Facebook-type of experience tweaked for the business world, the right tools—with proper usage of the right features—can significantly increase your efficiency.
But there’s more than just better efficiency and productivity at stake. Yes, a good collaboration tool will probably result in fewer emails and email trails, less time spent in planning and attending meetings, and make it easier to search and find information such as people with specific expertise that may apply to a project. I believe, however, that one of the biggest gains from an enterprise collaboration tool, especially as it applies to business intelligence, is better retention of your discussions from:
1)    The strategy formulation
2)    The budget process
3)    Monthly reports and dashboards
4)    General or specific improvement ideas and projects
Enterprise collaboration tools such as BI360 Collaboration organize and store all information (discussions, ideas, attachments, employee profiles, etc.) in a central repository. So, your company’s knowledge database isn’t just protected, it continues to grow and add value over time. Things like meeting notes that never get recorded, or conversations that are quickly forgotten are all captured and securely stored for future use, with Google-like search tools to find and retrieve the information, even if it’s years later.
Let’s say your team wants to review a report from three years ago, but the finance manager has long since left the company. With enterprise collaboration, you can access the archived information in seconds, plus leverage social media technologies with @mentions and #tags within live discussions, automatically cross-linking that information so others can view it at the same time. It’s like having a virtual water cooler that can serve up every discussion, from every meeting, on any project—throughout the history of your company. #goodstuff.
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