Driving Efficiency with Better Collaboration


Collaboration is great, collaboration in real-time is better. Think of the time people in your organization spend “getting back to you” on answers, “following up with so-and-so,” or even getting on someone’s schedule just to set up a meeting!
The fact is, real-time collaboration is a must-have for any nimble business.  Real-time collaboration enables every user in your organization to attend every meeting, weigh in on every decision, share valuable insights, whether they are in-person or not. And it happens NOW.
Tools like BI360 Collaboration not only facilitate real-time collaboration, they work the same way that many of today’s leading open social platforms work. Features like user profiles, discussion forums, “follow” buttons (for leaders in your organization), all facilitate sharing ideas and innovating on the fly.

But BI360 doesn’t just enable real-time collaboration, features like its social report library serve as a literal digital timeline and viewing of every report, and related discussions and decisions, as far back as your company implemented the solution. Until now, pulling a report out of an archive or a report writer was doable enough, but with BI360 Collaboration, you can read the conversations and glean insights into the decisions that went into that report, helping you understand how your team arrived where it did.
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