Learning Support for BI360 – Classes Available

Solver offers BI360 training classes built for our client and partner needs with one of our senior consultants. Whether it’s our standard two-day training class in our Los Angeles headquarters for novice users or on client site for a more customized training and workshop, Solver is there to assist. Benefits of the BI360 training classes include:

  • Understand the capabilities of the BI360 Suite.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of report writing.
  • Learn best practice usage of the BI360 applications.
  • Ability to create financial and operational reports by using BI360.
  • Build budget templates and set up the data warehouse.

Our two-day standard training class is an instructor led training that covers basic reporting design skills needed to create and maintain reports on BI360. The training is conducted with exercises specified in the training manual. We also have variations of our standard training that include budgeting and data warehousing.
Solver also offers BI360 workshops, which allows the client or partner to create reports with the assistance of the trainer. The workshop works best when it immediately follows the standard training class.
It is recommended that a projector is available to ensure that all attendees will be able to follow the training and that each attendee has their own workstation with BI360 installed.
For clients or partners who are unable to fit a full day of training into their busy work schedule, we offer remote BI360 training sessions. These training sessions can be broken down to multiple days allowing time to carry on with the workday.