BI360 for Government: Liberty and Balanced Budgets for All


Regardless of where you stand this election, it’s clear that government institutions could use some help with their budgets. No, we’re not proposing a magical mathematical formula for balancing our bajillion dollar deficit, but we DO have some ideas on how federal, state, and local governments could leverage BI360 to plan, forecast, and better manage their budgets.

BI360 for Government offers a complete suite of powerful BI solutions such as excel-based reporting, budgeting, dashboards, data warehouse, and enterprise collaboration. However, given all the talk around government spending, we think a healthy Planning and Budgeting solution is worth debating about.
Here are a few ways BI360’s Planning solution could make a HUGE difference for public sector managers looking to improve their budgeting and forecasting activities:
Excel-based budget input and review

Streamlined budget entry:

  • – Copy history in a single click
  • – Spread budgets evenly or based on trends or budget at line item level
  • – Include comments (account or line item level)

Pre-built as well as user-defined input templates:

  • – Planning & Budgeting (Revenue, Expense, Payroll, Funds, Grants, Capex,
  • – Projects,Cashflow, etc.)
  • – Budget by Grant and Fund
  • – Forecasting (Single or multi-year)
  • – Modeling and what-if analysis

Budget data immediately available for reporting
Sophisticated approval workflow with full discussion and notification functionality
As government organizations increasingly adopt modern BI technologies to help drive better performance management, they’ll increase their efficiencies within all levels of government. Download our BI360 for Government white paper today. Get it here.