BI360: Aligned with Gartner’s Predictions for the Future of BI


In a “High Tech Tuesday” webinar, Gartner projected its Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics market trends for the future. One of the key projections is that business analytics will be the catalyst for $24 Billion increase in BI-related investments by 2014.
Much of the increase in this area will be in BI services (11% increase), BI platforms (4.2% increase), data integration and quality (1.8% increase), and data warehousing (5.5% increase).
BI services: Solver and its global partner channel offer leading BI services including consulting, training, and responsive, ongoing customer support. Our teams of BI360 consultants starts by understanding your business objectives, then customizes a tailored BI solution to meet your specific needs.
BI platforms: Our BI360 suite is a
powerful web and excel-based BI solution that now includes enterprise collaboration, as well as our industry leading reporting, budgeting, dashboards, and data warehouse solutions.

Data integration and quality: One of the most beautiful things about BI360, is its ease of integration and data preservation. BI360 integrates with all major ERPs, preserving all of your legacy data and delivering it in an easy-to-search, easy-to-use format.
Data warehouse:The need to centralize and consolidate your data will only become more valuable as big data continues to explode. BI360’s data warehouse is a next-generation, pre-configured and customizable solution based on Microsoft SQL Server platform.  All your key data, whether in-house or cloud-based, can be stored and available for consolidated reporting, analysis and dashboards.
Learn more about Solver’s BI360 solution, and how it aligns with Gartner’s predictions for the future of BI.
Source: “High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: BI and Analytics Market Trends, 2020 Vision.” Dec 2012, Gartner, Inc. , Web. 08 May 2013.