BI360 2.0 Has Arrived!

We are excited to announce that BI360 for Microsoft Dynamics has been loaded with many new features that you have been asking for! Enhancements have been made to the Reporting, Budgeting and Data Warehouse modules to enable you to access the data you need to make key business decisions that positively affect the success of your organization.
Here are just a few highlights of the BI360 Version 2.0 release!

New BI360 Reporting Benefits:

  • Active Directory integration to streamline security setup
  • Data Access Management (Security) to grant or restrict role access to sensitive data at the dimension level (e.g. restrict by department, HR related data, module, etc.)
  • Enhancement of Expression Trees for quick drag and drop report design
  • Create report templates with AutoMeasure to automatically fill in column formula definitions
  • Right mouse-click AutoFill shortcut to quickly apply Measures (e.g. period change) across multiple columns in one step
  • Reports remember Connection (data source) and Company they were designed for (reducing reconfiguration when working in a multi-company environment)
  • Set BI360 Report Designer to open in the mode YOUR role uses the most (report design versus report generation)

New BI360 Budgeting Benefits:

  • In-memory processing for faster saving of large data- sets.
  • Ability to position ANY dimension down rows or across columns (e.g. period down rows and accounts across columns).
  • Interactive Profitability Modeling for quick insight and “what if” analysis during budgeting and forecasting by senior management
  • Wizard and icon additions to make setup and use of BI360 Budgeting “intuitive”

New BI360 Data Warehouse Benefits:

  • Map ANY amount, text field or User Defined Field (UDF) from your ERP system or other data sources to the pre-configured BI360 Data Warehouse; allowing you to include the data you need in reports and budgets without the hassle of customizing code!
  • Easy to use Wizard for calendar/fiscal setup including start date by week and day within week to reflect the way that YOU run YOUR business.
  • Save time by not ‘recreating the wheel’ with the new ‘copy’ feature for business rules! E.g. copy an entire budget version to a new budget version.
  • Add up to 20 UDFs to ANY dimension for detailed budgeting and reporting off of the data stored in the warehouse.
  • Fine tune your insight by including more details than ever before!