Better Excel-based Reporting for SAP Business One Customers

XL Reporter was a popular Excel-based report writer for SAP Business One users. When SAP acquired Business Objects, they replaced the XL Reporter solution with Crystal Reports, leaving customers everywhere looking for a new Excel-based report writer that works the same way as XL Reporter did. Namely, a solution that integrates directly to GL and sub-ledgers in SAP Business One so that business professionals can report real-time results from SAP and into Excel.
BI360 is not only such a report writer, but is it also more dynamic and user-friendly than XL Reporter was. And, there’s even a process that allows you to build BI360 reports on top of the old XL Reporter structure. BI360 also offers a full BI suite so customers can also use it for Budgeting, Consolidations, Dashboards, Data Warehousing and Collaboration.

Here are some more features of BI360 Reporting:
– Supports Microsoft Excel 2007 and newer versions of Excel
– Reports are available both as pre-defined templates or business users can design   their own reports with the ease of drag-and-drop functionality in Excel. Any flavor of report can be designed, including profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, sales, HR, project, AR, AP, fixed assets, inventory, KPI reports and much more.
– Drill-down to detail from any amount in any report to quickly find the underlying reason for variances and exceptions.
– Produce ad-hoc reports in minutes with the easy-to-use Composer.
– Complete web-portal provides users with an interface to run reports on any device, including mobile devices, from any location with an Internet connection.

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