Benefit from Automating your Report Distribution

As part of the BI360 Suite, financial reports can be created. But what’s the point of creating the financial reports unless trained eyes from your organization are analyzing the numbers to find the strengths and weaknesses of your business.
A very valuable, yet underused part of the BI360 Suite is the Report Publisher. Through the use of the Report Publisher, you can publish financial reports and budgeting/forecast forms in static Excel workbooks based on a BI360 template designed in the Report Designer. In addition, you can integrate the security settings that have already been configured for your organization to safely and securely distribute reports throughout different members in your organization. Finally, the Report Publisher can easily be configured in the built-in Windows Task Scheduler so that you can schedule the previous month’s financial report or the current month goal to be distributed on a set date. There are many more features like the output format or the report delivery method that you can utilize to customize the distribution of your reports.