Too busy for training? Solver has a fantastic new resource just recently added to their arsenal of education material. The ‘BI360 Self-Paced Technical Training Guide’ is designed to get you more familiar with the technical side of BI360. It is organized into sessions, enabling you to manage the pace of your own education.  If you care to ‘get it all done straight away’, take each session, one immediately following the other, to complete the entire curriculum in record time.  Alternatively, take one or two sessions every few days, over a longer period of time.  You can choose the method that works best for you!
This document is meant to be used as a self-paced guide for power users (consultants, customers, and partners) to educate themselves on the technical aspects of BI360. You will find product functionality, how to design reports, how to design planning input forms and models, how to administer the data warehouse and much more.
Download Now: BI360 Technical Self Training Guide
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