BI360 Budgeting: Easy, Intuitive Budgeting and Forecasting

BI360’s budgeting module is very easy to use, and provides your organization with a powerful budgeting and forecasting tool. With BI360 Budgeting, you can reduce your budgeting and forecasting times, as well as your implementation and software costs.

The intuitive, Excel-based interface of BI360’s budgeting module allows you to quickly adapt a budget model based on your existing budget templates; or you can completely re-engineer your process and input form layout based on your organization’s changing requirements. There are also a number of pre-defined templates you can use if it makes sense for your environment.

In this video, you’ll see how sample BI360 input templates provide the flexibility and customization your organization needs for budgeting initiatives such as departmental expenses,  balance sheet, cash flow, payroll, and revenues, and more. From predictive analytics to allocations to advanced workflows with multi-step approvals, BI360 budgeting is a proven planning engine that delivers the performance and ease-of-use that your organization needs to drive efficiency and execution with state-of-the-art short- and long term planning.

Watch the video here.

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