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Take Advantage of Building Your Reports within Excel – Steps to Create Tree Navigation

In organizations with many business units (or many products or projects or any other business dimension) it is desirable to create a report output where the first sheet is a summary (“consolidated”) sheet and then the next sheets may be divisional summaries and then eventually the subsidiary or department detail. Make reports more efficient and […]

Benefit from Automating your Report Distribution

As part of the BI360 Suite, financial reports can be created. But what’s the point of creating the financial reports unless trained eyes from your organization are analyzing the numbers to find the strengths and weaknesses of your business. A very valuable, yet underused part of the BI360 Suite is the Report Publisher. Through the […]

How To Improve Reporting Performance

One of the most common issues with reports containing a large volume of data is the report run time can take a longer time than expected. BI360 Version 3.5 has a new feature that has been added to enable parallel queries so that the SQL Server can be utilized to its maximum capabilities. Once enabled, […]