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Enterprise Collaboration Tools – Are You Keeping an Eye on the Technology?

There is no doubt that a new generation of Enterprise Collaboration tools are coming full steam to the corporate marketplace. As the Facebook generation(s) starts demanding modern collaboration tools and interfaces at the workplace, this new breed of “social” business tools are here to stay. Early adopters are already using one or more enterprise collaboration […]

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The Automation of Narrated Reports – An (R)evolution in Financial Reporting

Have you ever wondered how many of your department heads or subsidiaries ever read the monthly reports you are sending them? Many managers are not trained in reading detailed financial statements, nor are they “excited” by all the rows and columns of numbers. As a matter of fact, most people are better wired for reading narrative stories than long lists of […]

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Solving the Classic Division vs HQ BI conflict with Multi-level Data Warehousing

In most mid-sized and larger organizations with multiple divisions, classic BI tools have never been good at satisfying both local division needs (detailed reporting, local budget models, etc.) as well as corporate HQ needs. In the screenshot below, you can see an interesting methodology where a company can install the BI360 data warehouse (DW) at each […]

Things to Consider when Evaluating Business Intelligence for Your ERP System

Many companies these days are planning to enhance their ERP system’s native reporting capabilities with additional Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Here are some things to consider for this evaluation process: The role of IT vs the BUSINESS USERS when it comes to enabling users to create reports: Importance of user-friendly BI tools where IT does […]