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Built for the Mid-Market from the Beginning.

People often ask me about our focus on the mid-market. There’s no question this is our area of strength. We’ve always been committed to over-delivering for our partners and customers, most of which happen to be in the mid-market. While we have customers in the multi-billion dollar revenue range, and our BI360 solution can certainly […]

Committed to Our Partners

With the New Year around the corner, it’s the perfect time to announce all the exciting upcoming initiatives we have planned for our amazing partners. We value our partner relationships above all else and we’re more committed than ever to creating a superior partner experience. Q1 On-site Training in LA Office Solver is offering a […]

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Transform your Monthly Reports with BI360 Reporting

If you’re like most business and financial professionals, you look forward to creating your monthly reports like a trip to the dentist. But with BI360, you can transform your monthly reports into a single “DecisionPack” report package with everything you need to run a business unit. Auto generated executive summaries, scorecards for KPIs, financial and […]


Better Reports = Better Decisions

If you took a poll to find out which financial reports businesses most frequently use to monitor their performance and decision-making, you’d probably get hundreds of answers. But if we drilled deeper into the questioning, we would probably start seeing the 80/20 rule take effect. In other words, 20% of a company’s reports are used for 80% of performance monitoring […]

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BI360 Web-based Reporting: Anywhere, Anytime Reporting

Web-based reporting offers several benefits. Lower maintenance fees, better transparency, on-demand reporting from anywhere. Plus, you don’t have to install any software on your computer. BI360’s Web-based Reporting delivers these benefits and more. Build and run reports live on your ERP Users can build their reports in the BI360 Excel-based report writer and run those […]


Driving Efficiency with Better Collaboration

Collaboration is great, collaboration in real-time is better. Think of the time people in your organization spend “getting back to you” on answers, “following up with so-and-so,” or even getting on someone’s schedule just to set up a meeting! The fact is, real-time collaboration is a must-have for any nimble business.  Real-time collaboration enables every user […]