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How to Implement Workforce Forecasting for Your Business

Forecasting is always an essential part of any business, and the workforce is typically the largest expense.  Workforce planning includes salaries, commissions, benefits, taxes, retirement, and much more.  On average, workforce expenses comprises over 30% of gross sales, but it can be over 50% depending on the industry.  Workforce forecasting should always be the top priority […]


BI360 Budgeting: Easy, Intuitive Budgeting and Forecasting

BI360’s budgeting module is very easy to use, and provides your organization with a powerful budgeting and forecasting tool. With BI360 Budgeting, you can reduce your budgeting and forecasting times, as well as your implementation and software costs. The intuitive, Excel-based interface of BI360’s budgeting module allows you to quickly adapt a budget model based […]

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Save Time and Money by Streamlining Your Budget Process

BI360 not only supports all departmental budgets, but supports revenue details, capital expenses, employee budgets and more. With BI360, budgeting and reporting processes become tightly integrated and easily accessed, all within a modern Microsoft Excel add-in for dynamic input forms and reports and with a SQL Server database on the back-end. Plus, with BI360’s highly […]


Finance and IT: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Celtics vs. Lakers. Mac vs. PC. Stallone vs. Schwarzenegger. There’s nothing like a good rivalry, but when it comes to the long-term health of your business, it’s usually better to NOT have one department declaring war on another. Such has been the outcome with most BI projects, when determining who should drive the project between Finance […]


Profitability Reporting Series: “Know Thy Products”

Hi everyone, over the next few weeks we’ll be exploring a three-part profitability reporting series. This week, we’re looking at how to gain insight into your product profitability, and how BI360 can help you become more competitive by generating more accurate profitability analysis. While there are countless variables that impact your product’s profitability, we’ve used […]