This article is an introduction: I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and my entry into the Business Intelligence realm, as well as my plans to blog about management solutions.

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My name is Hanna Kim, and I’m an Angeleno. If you live in Los Angeles, you will notice that the city is not full of natives, but it is rather a melting pot of people with interesting stories, and I absolutely admire that about this city. As a story lover, I love traveling. I enjoy learning about different cultures and history, but the most fascinating part of traveling is finding layers about myself that I never knew about. It is always a humbling experience.
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Your company has put tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars into acquiring a budgeting and planning software system that will streamline your staff’s workload. Chances are, that even after training, you or your team has only been using a small percentage of the features or functions available in the solution.
Now, you or your team might wish to rediscover the full range of attributes, or you might even be seeking solutions to more complicated business process matters. Those answers and more can be found at Focus 2016, August 22-25, 2016, located at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, San Diego, CA.
For four days in August, dozens of BI360 product experts, hundreds of technology professionals and BI360 users will gather to impart their wisdom to help you and others like you become BI360 gurus in their own right.
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This article discusses independent software vendor tools that will turbo-charge data management and analyses for Sage 500 users wanting to build a best-of-breed solution.

Some Sage 500 users will probably always wonder why they would want or need to deploy independent software vendor (ISV) tool(s) on top of their accounting system.  This confusion is perhaps an obstacle for ISVs and a concern for some Sage 500 users.  There are a couple of clarifications that seem to organically come out of the conversation.  First, no ISV can create a tool that can be a solution for every single organizational hurdle.  A great example would be how competitive mobile device brands, like Apple or Android, provide their own native mapping applications, but still allow you to download an app from another manufacturer, which is similar to modern flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, like Sage 500.  Because every organization using Sage 500 has particular objectives, specific budgeting requirements, and rules, the accounting system vary in how effective it is for each company.  ISV technologies enable organizations to customize their data management and analytics.
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This article discusses budgeting and forecasting solutions for Manufacturing and Distribution companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, zooming in on features and functionalities.

Whether you’re putting together a budget, a forecast, or a what-if scenario for your organization, they all entail historical actuals and projections, so you can plan for managing your specific manufacturing or distribution corporation, maneuvering around obstacles and seizing opportunities in the upcoming period.  There are a plethora of software options for manufacturing and distribution organizations relying on Dynamics NAV that can expand your planning processes, whether you craft your own budgeting solution, rely on native Dynamics NAV functions, or opt for an independent software vendor (ISV) solution.  This article will discuss your best options for today’s budgeting, forecasting, and modeling demands, specifically to meet your manufacturing or distribution planning objectives with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
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In this article, data warehouses for Professional Services organizations will take center stage, with a focus on expanding Microsoft Dynamics AX analytical processes.

Data is increasingly more important in today’s business world, perhaps especially for Professional Services organizations.  As data informs decision-making at all levels, Professional Services organizations are striving to stay on budget and on track with projects, vendors, clients, and so forth, a data warehouse can be positively impactful in supporting Business Intelligence (BI) analyses.  If you’re new to data warehousing as a solution, you might have some questions.  This article will go about answering your questions about data warehousing as a Professional Services organization using Microsoft Dynamics AX.
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LOS ANGELES, California, April 12, 2016 – Solver, Inc., the global leader in Business Intelligence for mid-market ERP systems, announced on April 7, the release of its BI360 ERP Budgeting solution to aid small companies with simple GL budgeting and forecasting needs, using a web-based, affordable budgeting solution for Dynamics GP, NAV and SL customers.

BI360 Web-Based Budgeting

The BI360 ERP Budgeting system features a live feed of historical data and a template model for quick budget deployment for companies with light budgeting needs. Forecast input forms, reports and pre-designed GL budget templates require minimal configuration for Dynamics GP, SL and NAV. The web-based budgeting solution requires no separate database, but instead, the product stores budget data directly into the GL budget table in the ERP systems. A special offer, available throughout 2016, includes the BI360 Reporting and Dashboard modules with the Budgeting module.

“We believe this solution will fill a large, underserved segment in the market that seeks a simple, lower cost, yet highly automated and modern web-based budgeting solution,” says Nils Rasmussen, CEO at Solver.

About Solver

Solver provides BI360, the leading Business Intelligence suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, SL, Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 500, Sage X3, SAP Business One, Intacct, Acumatica, NetSuite and other ERP systems. Solver is a Microsoft Gold ISV Partner and the winner of the Microsoft BI Partner of Year Award and has a presence on the Gartner Group CPM Magic Quadrant. BI360 is sold through a worldwide network of resellers and is ideal for companies looking to find a user-friendly, yet highly functional Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboard, and Data Warehouse solution to give them deep insight and actionable information across all facets of their organization.

For any questions, visit Solver’s website or contact Solver at

This article focuses on financial reporting options for non-profit organizations utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP, zooming in on features and functionalities to expand your analytics.

Financial reporting has traditionally been the lead singer if Business Intelligence (BI) processes were in a band, and it is no different for non-profit organizations.  If you’re utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP, you know that the accounting system is equipped with several native financial reporting functions.  However, plenty of organizations are moving to independent software vendor (ISV) offerings for their regular financial reporting tasks, but why?  Third party software solutions for financial report writing are designed in response to consumer demands, streamlining and expanding analytics for more robust insight into your data, trajectories, successes, and challenges.  This article will explore the benefits of an ISV financial report writer for non-profit organizations using Microsoft Dynamics GP.
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Modern, easy-to-use dashboard tools are accelerating the data management and analytics processes for Manufacturing and Distribution companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

It’s all about dashboards these days when it comes to presenting and digesting information in quick and easy-to-understand ways, which is particularly true in the Business Intelligence (BI) world.  They are increasingly more popular, especially for executives, due to their easily accessible visualizations of your data.  Dashboards provide easily digestible analyses for breakneck pace of decision-making for today’s businesses.  Also referred to as data visualizations, dashboards are graphs, charts, and scorecards that showcase trends, strengths, and weaknesses with key performance indicators (KPIs) for projects, divisions, and/or the whole organization.
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Microsoft Envision 2016

April 04 – 06, 2016

Solver is a proud Silver sponsor of Microsoft Envision. This conference brings together the most forward-thinking minds in business and technology. Whether you’re a business leader or decision maker, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear the latest business trends and discover solutions.

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Independent software vendor (ISV) tools expand and streamline data management and analytics for Intacct users building best-of-breed Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

One question that sometimes comes up in conversations with Intacct customers is related to confusion as to why you might need to deploy ISV tool(s) on top of the accounting system.  This is a small hurdle for ISVs as the confusion seems to quickly dissipate for the Intacct community.  First of all, no software solution, even as great as Intacct has proven to be, can answer to every single business-related analytical hurdle for every company.  A perfect example would be Apple offering their own native Maps applications on their iPhones, but still allowing consumers to install the Google Maps app, just as any modern flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, like Intacct, does.  Because every organization who utilizes Intacct has particular objectives, specific planning needs and rules, the accounting system will differ in how sufficient of a solution it is for each corporation.  ISVs provide businesses the capability to customize their data management and analytics.
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