August 25 – 27, 2015

Located on the gorgeous California coast and minutes from the Solver Headquarters, the third annual BI360 User Conference will be bigger and better than ever. Save the date and join us in Marina del Rey for our premier BI360 learning event where you can hone your skills, network with peers, hear Solver’s roadmap for BI360 and more!

This article covers data warehousing, both generally and more specifically for Professional Services organizations who are looking to expand their Acumatica analytics.

In the business culture of today, maybe particularly for Professional Services companies, data is king.  Since data drives decision-making, and Professional Services teams are working smartly to stay on track and on budget with clients, projects, vendors, and so forth, data warehousing can be really effective to support Business Intelligence (BI) analytical tasks.  When I first learned about a data warehouse as a solution, I had questions, so you might as well.  In this article, I’ll go about providing the answers you need about data warehousing with Acumatica for your Professional Services organization.
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This article will discuss your software choices for budgeting and forecasting tools that streamline and turbo charge your planning processes and Sage 300 experience.

Regardless of whether it is budgeting, forecasting, or modeling for your company, you will need actual historical numbers and projections, so you can craft a strategy to overcome obstacles and maximize opportunities in upcoming months, quarters, and years.  There are a number of software solutions for Sage 300 customers that dramatically expand your budgeting abilities, whether you design something yourself, rely on native Sage 300 capabilities or a third party budgeting tool.  I will lay out some of your best options in this article for today’s budgeting, forecasting, and modeling with Sage 300 data.
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This article will explore financial reporting features and functionalities in today’s software for manufacturing and distribution organizations looking to expand their Sage X3 experience.

In the modern business culture, Business Intelligence (BI) analytics are becoming the way of translating significant company information into impactful decision-making for your company’s future.  That said, I would bet that a lot of professionals, regardless of how well-versed in BI processes they are, find the marketplace financial reporting options overwhelming, if not confusing, regarding how they can apply functionality in the direction of industry-specific analytical needs.  I recently spoke with an accountant for a manufacturing company, and we talked about how vague product marketing can be for achieving goals that are particular to her manufacturing analyses.  With that in mind, this article will talk about what you should know and what you need from today’s financial reporting products to improve your Sage X3 experience, specifically zooming in on manufacturing and distribution data management and analysis.
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