In this article, we’ll discuss your options for budgeting and forecasting solutions that upgrade your planning processes and overall Sage X3 experience.

Whether you are budgeting, forecasting, or modeling for your business, you’re going to need projected numbers and actual historical figures, so that you can put together a plan to manage organizational challenges and opportunities in the coming year.  There are plenty of technology options for Sage X3 users that greatly enhance your budgeting tasks, whether you build something yourself, depend on built-in Sage X3 functionality or an independent software vendor (ISV) solution.  In this article, we’ll round up some of the best tools for modern budgeting, forecasting, and modeling for Sage X3 customers.
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This article will take a deep look at today’s best financial consolidation tools for Microsoft Dynamics SL users, focusing specifically on must-have features and functionalities.

Plenty of Microsoft Dynamics SL customers are overseeing financial consolidations for a parent company of multiple subsidiaries.  Aggregating company information from more than one legal business unit, particularly if there are diverse monies involved, can be difficult without a robust financial reporting and consolidations solution.  Data continues to grow in amount and significance to decision-making for the future of the business, so it makes sense that executive teams are seeking an easy-to-use software for the regular responsibility of data consolidation into a unified set of financial statements.  If it’s your responsibility to consolidate subsidiary information with Dynamics SL, this article will explore your options for easy-to-use, modern, and powerful solutions.
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This article will discuss project planning processes and the third party budgeting, forecasting, and modelling tools to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics AX project management experience.

It’s common knowledge that financial planning is such an important element of running a business – and it always has been.  The caliber of your planning processes can sometimes make or break your company, especially in the context of the recession back in 2008.  Company-wide budgeting and forecasting is usually routine and almost always involves multiple players coming together with actual transactional figures and projections for the period you are planning.  But sometimes an organization or a project manager has to plan for a particular task or project.  If you count yourself amongst the consultant, project manager, or other professionals who are tracking and billing hours, overseeing multiple projects, or crafting a bid for a job, project budgeting is something you know inside and out in your career.
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In this article, today’s best features and functionalities of independent financial reporting software vendor offerings for SAP Business One users will take center stage.

If you don’t have a dynamic, modern financial reporting tool, you are practically treading water in today’s business world of data management and analytics, instead of fully competing in your sector.  This article will discuss your options for features and functionalities that third party solutions are offering, so you have a head start in your search for the best report writer for your SAP Business One (SAP B1) ERP system.
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Independent budgeting software vendors (ISVs) are bringing more business user friendly, secure, and powerful tools to market for Sage 300 users.  This article will discuss the features and functionalities of the best planning tools for Sage 300.

Budgeting is such an important task that also tends to be logistically challenging because we’re used to manually linking spreadsheets together, but there’s good news.  Third party software vendors are producing smarter, streamlined tools for today’s budgeting and forecasting needs.  If you’re like most companies, you are outgrowing the homegrown, manual Excel budgeting processes, so it might be time to look at your ISV planning solution options for upgrading your budgets and forecasts.  The premier modern planning tools empower you to organize secure teamwork, distributing ownership to contributors and less mess as a budget manager.
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Dashboards for the win!  This article is going to discuss the most popular tools in the Business Intelligence world for Microsoft Dynamics AX users, focusing on features and functionalities.

If you follow this blog, you know that we write a lot about dashboards – and it’s not an accident.  According to a recent study on CFOs’ priorities in terms of technology, results indicated that dashboards, scorecards, and performance management solutions are #1 for financial executives.  In the modern business world, decision-making needs to be quick, easy, and smart for professionals across an organization.  Dashboards are exactly that.  To be more specific, dashboards or data visualizations are charts, graphs, and scorecards that employ key performance indicators (KPIs) to illustrate business successes, opportunities, and trajectories in the data, whether you’re looking at it organization-wide, departmentally, or in the context of a project.
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In this article, top financial consolidation tools will be in the spotlight, zooming in on features and functionalities that can help Acumatica users manage parent company financials.

There are plenty of Acumatica users who are responsible for management of a parent company’s financial portfolio for multiple subsidiaries.  Combining more than one entity’s financial information, sometimes with diverse currencies, can be tedious without a modern financial consolidation solution.  Because data continues to grow in size and significance for decision-making, more and more executive teams are shopping for the right software that enables business end users to aggregate data into a singular set of financial statements.  In this article, I’ll focus on your solution options for Acumatica customers who are charged with financial consolidations, with a look at the options you have for a dynamic, business user friendly, and powerful solution.
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LOS ANGELES, CA, June 8, 2015 – Solver, Inc. was awarded “Best Mid-Market Business Intelligence Solutions – USA” at the 2015 Business Excellence Awards.

The prestigious Business Excellence Awards were launched to highlight and celebrate the outstanding performance and results achieved by the industry’s leading lights in what still proves to be an extremely competitive market.

Solver provides BI360, the leading Business Intelligence suite for several of the leading ERP systems, like Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, and SAP. It also has integrations to Microsoft CRM and Salesforce. A Microsoft Gold ISV Partner with a presence on the Gartner Group Magic Quadrant for Corporate Performance Management solutions, BI360 offers robust financial reporting, budgeting, dashboards, and data warehouse solutions that are modern and business user friendly. It was because of their market-leading products and innovation that they were chosen for their award.

Speaking about their award, Awards Coordinator Nathan Angel commented: “Business Excellence puts the spotlight on industry leaders who have performed exceptionally over the past 12 months. With candidates nominated from across the globe and ranging across multiple sectors, it is a great achievement for Solver, Inc. to be selected for this award.”

To learn more about our award winners and to gain insight into the working practices of the “best of the best,” please visit the Acquisition International website where you can access the winners supplement.

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About Solver

Solver provides BI360, the leading Business Intelligence suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, SL, Sage 300, Sage 500, Sage X3, SAP Business One, Intacct, Acumatica and other ERP systems. Solver is a Microsoft Gold ISV Partner and the winner of the Microsoft BI Partner of Year Award and has a presence on the Gartner Group CPM Magic Quadrant. BI360 is sold through a world-wide network of resellers and is ideal for companies looking to find a user friendly, yet highly functional Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboard, and Data Warehouse solution to give them deep insight and actionable information across all facets of their organization.

For any questions, please contact Solver at

This article zooms in on today’s features and functionalities of third party financial reporting and consolidation solutions for Sage X3 users.

If you aren’t utilizing a dynamic, robust financial report writing tool, you’re probably just treading water as opposed to fully taking your analytics into the 21st century of business, managing and analyzing your data in very actionable ways.  In this article, I’ll discuss the features and functionalities of third party software solution options, so you have a head start in finding and deploying the right report writing software for your Sage X3 analytics processes.
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This article will discuss the details of the Business Intelligence technology event of the summer, #BI360Focus15, hosted August 25th-27th, 2015 by Solver, Inc. in Marina del Rey, California.

Man, times flies, doesn’t it?  Microsoft Convergence, Intacct and Acumatica events were only a short while ago, yet seem like so far back, especially because of the work the conferences set in motion, the new collaborations, and other Business Intelligence (BI) events that have taken place in the meantime.  User conferences for Sage and SAP Business One are also coming up very soon.  Just like that, it is officially summer, and our calendars begin to fill up with meetings, events, family vacations, planning sessions for the second half of 2015, etc.  As we all start to solidify our itineraries for the summer, this article will discuss the premier BI event of the season, BI360 Focus 2015, Solver’s annual partner and user conference.  As a second time attendee of BI360 Focus, I will share the insights I gained from last year – and the inside scoop on what to expect this year.
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