This article will discuss the details of the revolutionary future of planning processes that has officially arrived for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users – web budgeting.

What can I say about budgeting and forecasting that I haven’t already said?  On this blog, I have written about the importance of shopping for business user friendly, dynamic, and collaborative planning solutions.  A discussion of the costs associated with implementation of planning software drilled down into the details of budgeting for…a budgeting solution.  I’ve pointed out some tips on how to shop for the right tool for your team’s specific business needs, and all the while, I have been quick to acknowledge how frustrating of a process that budgeting has traditionally been.  But there’s something on the horizon – the future of budgeting, as we currently know it, has arrived.  Web budgeting is rolling out from some independent software vendors (ISVs), and this article will cover this development for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users.
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This article will explore the intricacies of project accounting reports for Microsoft Dynamics SL customers, in the context of shopping for the right reporting tool to meet your team’s business needs.

Project accounting is different from standard accounting in its approach to how you are tracking financials.  In traditional accounting, you are working to evaluate comprehensive development of an organization.  With project accounting, you are analyzing the progress of a specific project.  The project accounting software marketplace is offering more and more advanced functionality for industries and particular organizations that are charged with monitoring the productivity and financial health of a project, especially in comparison with the budget.  This article will explore project accounting for Microsoft Dynamics SL, in the context of key considerations when searching for the right tool to assist in your reporting and analysis of projects.
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In this article, I will explore and discuss what to consider regarding implementation of modern options for budgeting and forecasting, include primary feature and functionality offerings for Acumatica.

Budgeting is no picnic.  I don’t feel like I’m going out on a limb when I say that most people do not enjoy planning processing, like budgeting and forecasting.  Perhaps, the less than stellar software that most budget managers are depending on is the reason.  If your company is of any normal size, you probably cannot rely on manual Excel budgets because of their tedious, yet too simple nature – they don’t meet today’s business needs for planning purposes.  If you are reading this article, you are probably ready to consider an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) budgeting solution to expedite and empower your budgeting and forecasting.  The planning software of today streamlines budgeting and forecasting by acknowledging the importance of secure collaboration to the process. Collaboratively planning to living within a company’s means translates to staying afloat – and competitive.
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This article will discuss accelerated, streamlined ways to organize your data in modern multi-tab reports with powerful third party financial reporting tools, like BI360.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Senior Consultant at Solver, Stephanie Gamber, after her popular session at the Annual BI360 User Conference, Focus 2014.  Gamber presented on the topic of multi-tab Excel reports, an extremely relevant activity to accountants and CFOs as corporations grow in locations, divisions, or departments.  The traditional way of building multi-tab Excel reports can be nearly unmanageable or inaccessible based on the vast size, depending on the number and/or type of tabs that you might employ to break down your data for different analytics.  This article will zoom in on the limitations of traditional multi-tab reporting and the powerful options you have for more streamlined financial statement generation.
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This article will contribute to the conversation regarding third party budgeting and forecasting tools and their key features and functionalities for SAP Business One. Unless you are a part of the special interest population of people that enjoys budgeting, it’s safe to say that budgeting and forecasting are probably some of the most dreaded business […]

This article will explore your options for budgeting and forecasting solutions to accelerate your Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, SL and GP experience with heightened planning capabilities.

Budgeting and/or forecasting within any company involves multiple players contributing research and actual financials to put together an informed plan for how the company expects to manage their money in the next (or the rest of the) fiscal year.  For Microsoft Dynamics users, there are plenty of solutions to boost your organizational budgeting, whether you go with a process you build yourself, a native functionality within Dynamics, or a third party product.  This article will discuss modern budgeting and forecasting functionalities in the context of your options for Microsoft Dynamics.
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October 13, 2014

Solver will be a sponsor and a featured presenter of the Self-service Business Intelligence Suite BI360. AXUG Summit provides a conference experience unlike any other. Every attendee is focused on Microsoft Dynamics

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This article will discuss the key features, functionalities, and competencies that you should consider when searching for the right BI tool at the Microsoft Dynamics GPUG Summit.

The Microsoft Dynamics Summit is right around the corner, in session during October every fall, and attendees are looking to improve their data management and analysis processes.  Several user groups, including CRMUG, GPUG, NAVUG, and AXUG, will convene to seek out best practices, third party tools, and building best-of-breed solutions for increased productivity, better streamlining, and an impact on the bottom line.  This article will zoom in on the search for the right Business Intelligence (BI) tool for your team’s Microsoft Dynamics GP experience, with a focus on the key features and functionalities of today’s best third party BI solutions.
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LOS ANGELES, CA, October 17, 2014 – Solver, Inc., the global leader in Business Intelligence for mid-market ERP systems, today announced a new integration with Salesforce.

“We are thrilled to provide world-class BI360 reporting, forecasting and dashboard options to Salesforce users and our partners,” said Nils Rasmussen, CEO of Solver. “This offering addresses the needs of both stand-alone Salesforce customers as well as companies that want to use BI360 to combine their ERP data with their Salesforce data in BI360’s data warehouse and use the BI360 BI suite to access that data. This includes a world-class Excel-based report writer. Another exciting aspect of our Salesforce integration is how quick and easy it is to set up. In some cases, you can be creating your first BI360 report or dashboards only hours after you installed BI360 and ran the Salesforce integration wizard!”

Driven by a wizard, the integration connecting BI360 to Salesforce is built to make it completely non-technical for a Salesforce business user or partner to configure and populate the BI360 Data Warehouse with Salesforce data. Almost immediately, joint customers can start writing BI360 reports or configure new BI360 budget models and dashboards.

About Solver

Solver provides BI360, the leading Business Intelligence suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, SL, Sage 500 and X3, Intacct, Acumatica and other ERP systems. Solver is a Microsoft Gold ISV Partner and the winner of the Microsoft BI Partner of Year Award and has a presence on the Gartner Group CPM Magic Quadrant. BI360 is sold through a world-wide network of resellers and is ideal for companies looking to find a user friendly, yet highly functional Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboard, Collaboration Portal, and Data Warehouse solution to give them deep insight and actionable information across all facets of their organization.


For any questions, visit Solver’s website or contact Solver at

This article will discuss the key features, functionalities, and competencies that you should consider when searching for the right BI tool at the Microsoft Dynamics AXUG Summit.

Hosted in October every year, The Microsoft Dynamics Summit is about to be in full swing.  Attendees are flocking to the conference with the intent of upgrading their data management and analytics.  User groups under the Dynamics umbrella, like NAVUG, GPUG, CRMUG, and AXUG, are coming together to discuss and compare best practices, Independent Software Vendor (ISV) products, and crafting their own best-of-breed solution for heightened efficacy, a more dynamic workflow, and an effect on the bottom line.  In this article, I will focus on shopping for the best Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for your team’s specific business needs, with special attention on the premier features and functionalities of the best ISV software for Microsoft Dynamics AX.
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