Bottom Line: FRx is ‘Dead!’ If your company depends on FRx for your Financial Reports, then you have a decision to make.

In 2009, Microsoft announced that they would retire FRx, phase out support for their reporting product and replace it with Management Reporter. Five years later, tens of thousands of finance teams are still holding onto the reporting product that has been around since 1984. However, as support continues to fade out, executives and accounting teams are faced with an important decision about their Business Intelligence (BI) needs. Navigating that decision requires some thought about the current and future needs of the organization. Migrating from FRx to Management Reporter (MR) would perhaps be the easiest replacement, but there are several things to consider when moving the organizational BI needs to another solution.
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My name is Matt Felzke, and I hail from Kansas City. I landed in Los Angeles at the beginning of the year, ready to start a new chapter in a new city. After receiving my Master’s degree in writing, I took my teaching experience into the corporate sphere, as a Training Specialist in a suburb of Kansas City. Now, I will be getting back to my writing and journalism background in sunny California by exploring the domestic and international Business Intelligence realm – and blogging about the findings in an educational series of articles.

From big data to financial reporting to ERPs, I will be asking questions of industry leaders, doing research regarding current events and future developments in the performance management world, and sharing the knowledge through this blog. If you are interested in learning about a specific topic and would like me to cover it in this forum, please feel free to contact me on LinkedIn. I look forward to learning a lot, and I hope to build a community of similarly curious professionals trying to make the best decisions for the success of their companies. Thank you for joining me in this endeavor!

Solver Recognized for its CPM Solutions that Address Growing Needs Such As Self-service Reporting & Budgeting, Cloud and Mobile Capabilities

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 24, 2014 – Solver, Inc., a global leader in Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, SL and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, today announced that it has made Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the first time ever. Gartner Magic Quadrants are a culmination of research in a specific market, giving a wide-angle view of how well technology providers execute against their vision.

“We’re excited to be recognized by Gartner for our corporate performance management (CPM) solution, as we continue to roll out new offerings that exceed our customers’ demands for user-friendly, self-service capabilities and a lot more,” said Nils Rasmussen, Solver CEO. “Our BI360 suite of solutions continues to evolve with advanced financial reporting and consolidations, comprehensive planning and forecasting capabilities, dashboard and collaboration, and even more depth within the office of finance.”

Magic Quadrants provide a graphical competitive positioning of four types of technology providers, where market growth is high and provider differentiation is distinct:

  • Leaders execute well against their current vision and are well positioned for tomorrow.
  • Visionaries understand where the market is going or have a vision for changing market rules, but do not yet execute well.
  • Niche Players focus successfully on a small segment, or are unfocused and do not out-innovate or outperform others.
  • Challengers execute well today or may dominate a large segment, but do not demonstrate an understanding of market direction.

Solver’s placement within the Niche Players category of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant demonstrates its focus on the mid-market and the Microsoft platform.

About Solver

Solver provides BI360, the leading Business Intelligence suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, SL, Sage 500 and X3, Intacct, Acumatica, NetSuite, and other ERP systems. Solver is a Microsoft Gold ISV Partner and the winner of the Microsoft BI Partner of Year Award. BI360 is sold through a world-wide network of resellers and is ideal for companies looking to find a user friendly, yet highly functional Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboard, Collaboration Portal, and Data Warehouse solution to give them deep insight and actionable information across all facets of their organization.

For any questions, visit Solver’s website or contact Solver at

About Gartner

Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. We deliver the technology-related insight necessary for our clients to make the right decisions, every day. From CIOs and senior IT leaders in corporations and government agencies, to business leaders in high-tech and telecom enterprises and professional services firms, to technology investors, we are the valuable partner to clients in over 13,000 distinct organizations. Through the resources of Gartner Research, Gartner Executive Programs, Gartner Consulting and Gartner Events, we work with every client to research, analyze and interpret the business of IT within the context of their individual role. Founded in 1979, Gartner is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, USA., and has 5,800 associates, including more than 1,450 research analysts and consultants, and clients in 85 countries.

For any questions, visit Gartner’s website or contact Gartner at

At Solver, our partner-centric culture is one of the biggest reasons behind our success. Our partners help us deliver superior BI solutions to the marketplace in a way that just wouldn’t be possible through direct sales. We see our partner channel as part of our own organization and treat them like our own employees. In fact, I see our partners as the reason we grew our customerbase in record numbers worldwide this year. While North America and EMEA have been core markets since we launched BI360 four years ago, we are now also firmly established in the Asia-Pacific region, less than two years after we entered the market there, and we have started our roll-out in Latin America.
We’ve learned through experience that if you want to take your product worldwide, there’s no better way than through strong partnerships. There are a few reasons for this. First, they can be local everywhere in the world. They are literally your “eyes and ears on the street.” This eliminates the need for offices in every country. Partners know the local cultures, they know local transactional systems that we integrate with and so on. So if you’re going to succeed with a channel strategy, you need to consider your partner channel part of your own family, because in a very real sense, they are.
Lastly, I would advise anyone looking to develop a successful partner strategy to invest in them like you would your own employees. Because essentially, they are! They require the same training and need the same access to resources as your own staff. When you achieve that, you’ll achieve nirvana with your partner channel. Admittedly, we’re still fine-tuning our strategy after just four years, but I would say that we are well above most other partner channel-driven organizations in our space. I also believe a good channel strategy is a little science and a little art. The scientific part can be adjusted, tweaked and tested, and the artistic part is about connecting with your people to achieve mutual success. I’m always asking: how can I better enable my partner channel? And I’m excited to see the results in 2014!
Watch this video to learn more about our partner program offerings and reasons for success!

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Convergence 2014! It was an incredible conference packed with energy and excitement. For Solver, it was the first time we were able to share a virtual stream of the conference, which was very convenient for our friends who couldn’t make it to Atlanta this year. We used our new convenient mobile app to give a complete tour of the expo and sessions.
For those who missed Convergence 2014 this year, there was a new customer initiative announced by Kirill Tatarinov, Executive Vice President of Microsoft Business Solutions. Here are some of the main points he shared from his keynote:

  • “We are not always the first, but we will deliver it all.” Tatarinov shared the compelling statistic that there are 1.4 billion world-wide Internet users. Experts predict that there will be 15 billion intelligent connected devices by 2015. Microsoft champions a customer-centric view that stresses meaningful customer interactions as they “Bring the Dynamics technology to everyone in the world.”
  • Customer Centricity: Microsoft’s leading vision is to “Engage customers on their terms… to nurture the relationship, and delight…” and this approach will be evident in all product developments. Tatarinov stressed that Customer Centricity equals principled, humanized, “end to end” innovation. Their mission is to develop solutions that let users realize their full potential, whether in high value added activates at work, at home, or on the road. “We strive to help people do more amazing things.”
  • Integrating CRM and ERP: ERP and CRM will function seamlessly together as a single business solution. Tatarinov sees this as a way to help the enterprise work more effectively and productively.
  • “Innovation is the platform for everything we do.” Tatarinov highlighted technology advances in the areas of cloud services, agile operations that exceed customer needs, and engagement across the Web, social media, apps and mobile devices. Of special note are the new advancements of MS Cloud; Multi Model Social Interaction offered by Yammer, Office 365, SharePoint; and improved business insights offered by Big Data. He noted that Microsoft Power BI is now part of Office 365. As a “platform for innovation”, Extensibility allows for ISV’s to build unique solutions.

If you had the chance to visit our booth, you probably previewed our new FRx Conversion Tool, which will be available in the next few months. We’re very excited about this new tool, which will make it even easier for FRx users to leverage all the features of BI360. Hopefully, you had the opportunity to check out our new web portal, which includes our new web reporting and dashboards module.

“Transform your Reporting and Budgeting with BI360, ” our sponsor session presented by Nils Rasmussen of Solver, Inc., had a great turnout of over 200 people eager to learn how to automate and simplify financial reporting, budgeting and dashboard processes. The audience was able to see firsthand the power of BI360, everything from Reporting with drill down in Excel and the Web, to our new “Decision Pack”.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth or attended our sponsor session at Convergence! It was great to connect and we look forward to seeing you again next year. And, we’ll be announcing the winners of the Fitbit in the next week or so, so stay tuned!

March 04 – 07, 2014

Convergence is the premier event bringing the entire Microsoft business community to life. Solver is a proud Gold sponsor will be showcasing it’s complete Business Intelligence suite at both Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX sponsor sessions. See the agenda for complete details.

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