Just in time for the holidays…

Learn how to manage your budgeting process more effectively this year!
Watch our recorded webinar anytime that is convenient for you! Click here to see BI360 in Action, and see a demonstration of creating budgets and automated workflow process for approvals and discussions. BI360 Planning has out-of-the-box integration to Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, and Intacct, as well as other ERPs.
See Live Examples:

  • Budgeting – Payroll, Capital, Project, Cashflow, Departmental
  • Forecasting – Rolling Forecast, Quarterly Forecast, Sales Forecast
  • Drive efficiencies with collaborative planning, budgeting and sales forecasting that enable dialogue and analysis
  • Microsoft SQL Server-based data warehousing that combines financials, payroll data and patient data
  • Drive efficiencies with collaborative planning, budgeting and sales forecasting that enable dialogue and analysis

Some of the Benefits of BI360 Planning include:

  • Excel-based
  • Drag and Drop planning and budget form design
  • GL + Detail Budgeting
  • Built-in ‘budgeting logic’
  • Spreading, copy history, apply trends, line item detail, comments
  • Bottom-up and Top-down budgeting
  • Ideal Forecaster Replacement

This is one hour of your time that will definitely pay off! Learn how to save money, streamline your budgeting process and gain complete insight into your business with BI360. Register here!

With the holidays just around the corner, I thought I’d share the gift of budgeting with my fellow BI enthusiasts. With Solver’s BI360 Budgeting solution, I get the best forecasting and modeling solution out there. And as surprising as this may be, I’m not even a “numbers” guy. I just plug in my budgeting goals and BI360 makes magic happen. It’s like my own little budgeting elf. But it’s inside my computer.

Watch this video, you’ll see what I mean. It’s the gift that keeps on giving to your bottom line!

For more information, join us for our upcoming Budgeting webinar: “Save Time and Money by Streamlining your Budget Process”December 4, 10 AM PT

Or for a live discussion today, please contact sales.

If you’re like most business and financial professionals, you look forward to creating your monthly reports like a trip to the dentist. But with BI360, you can transform your monthly reports into a single “DecisionPack” report package with everything you need to run a business unit. Auto generated executive summaries, scorecards for KPIs, financial and operational reports, and dashboards, all result in decision advice based on your predetermined goals. And, this report package can be scheduled for automatic distribution or run on-demand with drill-down to answer even the most detailed questions.

This DecisionPack report package can be populated dynamically, live from your ERP system or from the BI360 data warehouse. It can be run on-demand or published for distribution. Simply press run, and the report executes a call-out to your ERP system or data warehouse, resulting in presentation-quality reports.

From executive summaries to sub-ledger details, see how BI360 Reporting will transform your monthly reports into amazing financial and operational reports with ease. Watch the video!