Web-based reporting offers several benefits. Lower maintenance fees, better transparency, on-demand reporting from anywhere. Plus, you don’t have to install any software on your computer. Solver’s Web-based Reporting delivers these benefits and more. All running on a Microsoft Azure multi-tenant platform and pre-integrated to some of the world’s most popular ERP systems, like Microsoft Dynamics (all of them), Sage Intacct, SAP Business One, SAP ByDesign and Netsuite.

Build and run reports live on your ERP

Users can build their reports in Solver’s cloud-connected Excel-based report writer and run those reports in their browser with drill down and drill through, live on your ERP database, or across multiple sources of data using the Solver Data Warehouse.

Accelerate and improve decision-making

This powerful enterprise reporting solution gives you easy access to information so that you can speed up and improve the accuracy of your decisions – complete insight from anywhere.

Easy access, secure and convenient

Solver’s web reporting integrated with Microsoft Power BI Dashboards provides executives and managers modern visualizations on top of professionally formatted Solver reports. All connected to your ERP or CRM systems in an easy to access, secure and convenient web portal. Administrators grant access and assign reports, and for those of you already using Solver’s legacy BI360 reporting platform, no changes are necessary to migrate your reports to Solver’s cloud.

True self-service Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI)

Solver offers true self-service business intelligence for web reporting that is fast to implement and requires little or no training.

Check out this short video that features Solver’s cloud portal for all of your reporting needs including Financial Statements , Operational Reports and Budgeting.

Collaboration is great, collaboration in real-time is better. Think of the time people in your organization spend “getting back to you” on answers, “following up with so-and-so,” or even getting on someone’s schedule just to set up a meeting!
The fact is, real-time collaboration is a must-have for any nimble business.  Real-time collaboration enables every user in your organization to attend every meeting, weigh in on every decision, share valuable insights, whether they are in-person or not. And it happens NOW.
Tools like BI360 Collaboration not only facilitate real-time collaboration, they work the same way that many of today’s leading open social platforms work. Features like user profiles, discussion forums, “follow” buttons (for leaders in your organization), all facilitate sharing ideas and innovating on the fly.

But BI360 doesn’t just enable real-time collaboration, features like its social report library serve as a literal digital timeline and viewing of every report, and related discussions and decisions, as far back as your company implemented the solution. Until now, pulling a report out of an archive or a report writer was doable enough, but with BI360 Collaboration, you can read the conversations and glean insights into the decisions that went into that report, helping you understand how your team arrived where it did.
Learn more about BI360 Collaboration here.

I see many companies struggle with manual or semi-automated Cash Forecast solutions which often ends up with exports to Excel. Another option is to use an Excel-based reporting/budgeting/forecasting solution where you automatically pull in AR, AP, GL data into an Excel input form where you then can manually (good if there are any unique cash-related activities you need for adjust/enter) capture certain cash related items or you can have pre-built formulas that drive them.
BI360 offers this type of solution where you are LIVE on your ERP database with the BI360 Excel add-in or connected to the BI360 SQL data warehouse (if you want to STORE the resulting cash forecast) and you can automate the whole process, and it is simply an Excel-based report you run that refreshes the relevant data whenever you need a fresh Cash Flow Forecast.
I have attached a couple of screenshots that may give you some ideas for your own solution.

BI360 not only supports all departmental budgets, but supports revenue details, capital expenses, employee budgets and more. With BI360, budgeting and reporting processes become tightly integrated and easily accessed, all within a modern Microsoft Excel add-in for dynamic input forms and reports and with a SQL Server database on the back-end.
Plus, with BI360’s highly customizable capabilities, budgeting administrators can set upcentralized workflow with “social” collaboration features so that contributors and approvers can easily communicate objectives, comment and propose changes, saving valuable time and resources in your budgeting process.

By controlling the entire workflow process, BI360 facilitates a smoother, more efficient budgeting process across your entire organization. Be sure to watch our video to see how BI360 can save your company significant time and money in your budgeting process.  Watch now.